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calandrina_Violet_rose2.jpgCalandrina Ruby Violet Rose, Rock Purslane
(Calandrina umbellata 'Ruby Violet Rose')

Every year I try to find something a little unusual, or something lesser known to grow. The only way to really learn about different plants is by getting down and dirty in the garden.

This year's experiment is a Heritage (Heirloom) Plant. At one time Calandrina was considered to be a very common plant, today very few people have even heard the name.

Calandrina is a mounded, semi-weeping plant that has grayish foliage and tolerates dry soil. It actually makes a very nice rock garden plant. In our area, it is treated as an annual, but in zones 8 and higher it is classed as a perennial. It is often completely covered with rose-violet portulaca style flowers.

Zone: 8
Height: 15-22cm (6-8 in)
Spread: 30cm (12 in)
Exposure: Full sun
Habit: Upright and mounding
Moisture: Prefers well drained soil

As Calandrina thrives in full sun and heat. It should be very happy,
 --- in our scorching late July-early-August desert period!

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