Food Changes

Hey, the top food crops grown, changes again. For the past decade the top vegetable crops were potatoes, carrots and pumpkins.

Well that changed this year.

This past year, those grown in soil crops, are passe, yep the following feild crops have replaced them.

(1.) Tomatoes - 396 Hectares,

(2.) Herbs - 318 Hectares,

(3.) Cucumbers - 252 Hectares

----- now that's a big change!



Wood Works

For decades, we greenhouse growers relied on peat moss as the primary substrate component to grow most of our greenhouse crops. Peat moss is undoubtedly a great material based on its excellent physical and chemical properties.

Research on new substrates continues today as vigorously as ever (maybe even more so), despite the successes and familiarity of our traditional peat-based mixes.

Hey our moss suppliers are sweeping up many of our traditional fields, and they are being farmed quite heavily. In 2016 there was a shortage of peat reported in Canada.

So, some researchers are testing the use of ground up wood mixed with the peat moss. Several different suppliers are testing a variety of evergreens, which seem to be the best trees for grinding, growing and ------ mixing it with peat!


Bee Help

This is the first time that bees have received "endangered status". All 7 species are types of yellow-faced bees native to Hawaii. (At the same time, 39 Hawaiian-native plant species joined the Endangered Species list.)

Competition from exotic insects, as well as habitat loss, are cited as the causes of these bees’ decline.


Night Sky Petunia

Night Sky Petunia

The newest, 'must have' flower from last year is still the most ordered plant for 2017, and it's not even 2017 yet.

We have seen dozens of new plant releases over the past decade. Some were great, some were mediocre, but none of them have created the demand that this beasty has. 

Last year one of our clients came in to see what was new, she spotted the Night Sky petunia, and bought,

---- every one we had.


Boiler Needed

Well, our old steam boiler finally died. We are lucky, we have carried boiler insurance from the begining of of our time in the greenhouse business. Yep, we new that, the old beast would not last forever.

The boiler has kept us in business from the begining, hey everything has a time frame, including people.

We have ordered a new modern boiler, which shoud be arriving in a few months or so. The plan is to have it installed in the winter months while the snow is flying.