Political Death

Hotchkiss Herbs and Produce was supplying most of Alberta's fanciest restaurants, markets and grocers with their unique heirloom tomatoes, carrots, beans, chard, potatoes micro-greens and pea shoots.

The Company had recently bought a half-a-million dollars in new equipment, with a plan to expand. Hotchkiss said when he tried to voice his concerns to the new Alberta Government Officials, he felt he was being stonewalled.

So this past fall, the family laid off most of their 25 employees. Their last day in business will be December 16.

"There are just so many things changing, which the government has introduced or changed, that we just can't cope with it anymore," added his wife, Tracy!


Pepper Mad Hatter F1

This beast is the 2017 AAS Edible - Vegetable Winner

This exotic pepper wins on uniqueness alone! However, the plant's vigor, earliness, high yields, large size and great taste all contribute to it's high score among the AAS judges. Mad Hatter is a member of the Capsicum baccatum pepper species from South America commonly used inBolivian and Peruvian cuisine.

You can impress your fellow gardeners, by growing this pepper and showing off the novel three-sided shape and the delicious sweet taste. It's taste has a refreshing, citrus floral flavour, that retains it's sweet taste. You will only taste the mild heat near or by eating the seeds.

I'm told we are told to be prepared for vigorous, robust plants that are easy to grow, because they were bred for all of North America's many growing conditions. The Breeders suggest using the fruits raw in salads, pickles or stuffed with cheese!


Traditional Christmas Flowers

Christmas is the time of a number of traditional celebrations, normally in the home, with family members, so traditional Christmas flowers, and plants can enhance the experience. There are also a few Christmas Holiday traditions and folklore related to the flowers and plants.

Holly - The traditional colours of green and red derive from the native Christmas Holly plant. Decorating the house with holly can be used to symbolize man.

Ivy - Ivy is very symbolic at Christmas time. It symbolizes women and combined with Holly should create a balance, and it's said to bring luck and happiness to relationships. It can also symbolize undying affection, true love, faithfulness, eternity and resurrection.

Misletoe - A Parasitic plant, and another pre-Christmas tradition. Remember to place the Christmas Mistletoe in a high place, for kissing under. Tradition says to remove one berry after each kiss,

---- but hey why waste kisses!


Poinsettia Problem

We have been handling these plants for years, as have many of our assistants and clients, and none of us have ever had any allergic response to them. Well apparently, there are those who react violently to the latex like sap, that bleeds out when the plants are trimmed or cut.

There is also a small number of people who react by just touching the plant leaves, or the uncut stems. The reactionis similar to individuals who react to insect stings. Specifiably those who tend to have swelling in the face and throat area.

My question is it the sap that's the problem, or the insect spray, used in the Poinsettia growing Greenhouses?


One Summer Night