Greenhouse update

Well on our way to an early spring in the greenhouse.


Van Replacement Coming Soon


The Killer Tomato Department

Folks who are familiar wit the delicious flavour and texture of a freshly picked, vine-ripend tomatoes often feel betrayed by the hard, bland, red orbs sold in most supermarket produce ailes.

Now a tomato flavour revival may be in stores thanks to a group of researschers led by the University of Florida's Harry Klee. The scientists sequenced the genome of 398 wild heirloom, and supermarket tomato varieties. With the help of human taste panelists, they then identified the 28 most pleasurable tomato flavour and odor chemicals, including leafy geranylacetone, floral B-ionone, and ctrusty 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one.

Most supermarket tomatoes have much lower levels of 13 of these appealing molecules than heirloom varieties hace!


Saskatchewan Farm Zones

Each Farm Zone Has:

(1) Unique short term and long term weather forcasts to help you plan your daily gardening and or farming activities.

(2) Reliable precipitation forecasts, historical weather data, including sunrise/sunset times.

(3) And planing tools, such as drying index, growing degree days and crop heat units.



Star Gazing - New Mix for 2017

By now, most greenhouse growers have settled into the new year, and are planting, or seeding, and have returned to their normal spring routine. Which always happend at this time of the year.

Yep, when winter starts to feel way too long, and gardeners begin to lean towards spring, which generally means starting draft their plant lists, and planing which new plants to try in their gardens and/or beds.

If you are anything like us, the list of plants we want to try, usually ends up being, twice as long,

--- as the growing space we have!