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The 3 Rules, to Attract Humming Birds

Plant what they like. If you are looking for new plants, you may as well use those that are simple to grow,look great and attract hummingbirds. Salvia Black & Bloom is a great plant to start with. You could also try, Monarta, Cuphea, Mexican Bush Sage, and Agastache. That list should be good to start with.

Protect them. They may be busy bodies, but they do need a spot to rest and nest. So provide lots of safe perches, away from marauding cats. They need to stake out their their territory. They will be looking for small bare branches. Therefore you should not prune to heavily.

Encourage spiders because Humming Birds love using spider webs, when building their nests.  Hey, they may happily find your spider webs, and stick around for the full season!

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