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Plant Revolution

Hey, This may sound a bit strange, but the most recent research says, flowers are a recent invention.

There have been land plants for 465 million years, yet they produced no flowers, for over two-thirds of that time frame.

Flowering plants only appeared in the middle of the dinosaur era. The equally-familiar grasses appeared even more recently.

Yep, the oldest Fossil Grasses are just 70 million years old, although it's thought that grass may have evolved a bit earlier than that.

    ----- And we think, our mothers choice of plants is old!


FleuroStar Night Sky


 Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plants industry, announced that the FleuroStar Award 2015/16 was selected.

They choose the winner, which was petunia cultivar 'Night Sky' from Selecta Klemm. The winner was announced at the Green Inspiration Event.

  • Zone: Summer all zones.
  • Blooms: Spring, late spring, summer
  • Spread: 51-71cn (20-28")
  • Height: 25-41cm (10-16")
  • Width: 61-91cm (24-36")
  • Exposure (full Sun)

   -----  Thursday, June 11 in the Netherlands!

           Update: one Reviewer states: It Boldly goes where no petunia has gone before!

           Another states: The most distinctive bloom you've ever seen on this planet!


Planting this week

Big Bounce  (Impatiens hybrida)
Zone: 0.0°C
Height: 51-76 cm  (20 - 30")
Width: 51 - 91cm (20-36”)
Habit: Upright Mounding and Spreading
Exposure: Partial Sun, to Partial Shade
Moisture: Just Moist,

  • Blooming Season :
  • Autumn, Late Summer, Spring, Late Spring, Summer

These new shade alternatives offer the habit and flower count of Impatiens walleriana, but they’re resistant to downy mildew and thrive in sun and shade.

Like Standard Bounce...but BIGGER.
Even more, the well branched plants bounce back like magic,
   -----  after wilt!


Centaurea montana

Centaurea pullata b.JPG Commonly known as, Blue Cornflower, or Mountain Bluet. This easy to grow perennial, is low to medium in height and well suited to growing in any sunny border. It will double it’s size in a couple of years.

Zone: 3-7
Height: (24-70) cm
Spread:  (24-36) cm
Habit: Upright & Mounding
Exposure: Full Sun
Moisture: Just Moist

The plant forms a bushy clump of grey-green leaves.Then develops a display of clear-blue shaggy flowers in early summer.

Removing the faded flower heads will encourage repeat blooming.

It may self-seed, so keep an eye out for seedlings appearing where they are not wanted. This plant can be pruned back hard, in mid-summer, to maintain a compact habit.

   --- Oh ya, it also blooms all summer!


Jade Princess

Jade Princess is the latest millet, bred for it's ornamental qualities. It's a neat sun foliage plant, with intense chartreuse leaves that contrast with the fragrant dark brown upright plumes. It is sterile, so no seeds are produced.

  • Zone:Treat as Annual
  • Height: 36-48"
  • Spread: 20-24" Habit: Upright and Mounded
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Moisture: Just Moist.

 This beast is a perfect plant, when used as a point plant in large circuler beds. It also is a nice sized center plant, when used in a container, planted with up-right, and/or trailing plants. What I like is, it blooms for about fourteen weeks, and the fact that it's sterile.

    ---- so no seeds are produced!



Guess what new seed series is going to knock your socks off?

KaBloom! is the first seed produced calibrachoa.  KaBloom brings you all the benefits that seed varieties offer compared to vegetative propagated varieties.

Zone: Treat as Annual
Height: 12-18“
Spread: 10-12“
Habit: Upright, Mounding, and Trailing
Exposure: Full Sun
Moisture: Just Moist, never Excessively  Wet

KaBloom has better disease tolerance, better branching, more economical production. Plus, KaBloom generates the same amount of colour as mid-vigour vegetative varieties. Hey, side by side, you can’t tell the difference!

Consider KaBloom as a Premium Product for mono-containers, or as a component in combos. The six core colours available at present are:  Rose, Deep Blue, Deep Red, Deep Pink, Yellow and White.

   ---  Yep, this is a fantastic seed breeding breakthrough!