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Keeping Bulbs

If you are storing (over wintering) tender summer blooming bulbs, or hardier spring bulbs,  that you did not get in the ground in time, knowing how to store bulbs for winter will ensure that these bulbs will be viable for planting in the spring.

What you need to know and/or do:

- Carefully brush off any excess dirt.

- Do not wash the bulbs as this can add excess water to the bulb.

- Remove the bulbs from plastic bags, containers, or the bulbs will rot. It’s best to pack your bulbs in a dry cardboard box. Layer the bulbs in the box, with newspaper in between each layer.

Where you can store them:
- A closet is good, or a basement, that is not damp, or a garage is a good spot!
    ----- Now that was simple, Right?


April ‘Night

Related imagePlant breeding today is focused, on bringing plants to market, that solve consumer problems.

If they’re easy for growers to manage, produce and ship, that’s actually better. Every season, a multitude of new plants are bred and/or released, yet only a few survive more than a couple of seasons.

Salvia Sallyrosa ‘April ‘Night’, from Danziger, is one that's been selling for years, and it still sold well this past season, and it appears, to be one of those plants that,

------  shows no sign of decreasing in popularity!


Benary Impatiens

Impatiens walleriana Lollipop F1 Series from Benary.

Impatiens back maybe? Well, Benary thinks so, even when the sales globally are down, they think they are ready to come back, with a new series called Lollipop.

Lollipop Impatiens, are a true walleriana, they are not a New Guinea or an inter-specific hybrid. Benary has been planning this for about five years, they hired a breeder, and feel this is the right time for them, to present the new Impatiens.

  • The Perfect POP of Colour!
  • Intense colours “pop” at retail
  • Full plants hide the pot
  • Excellent branching – more flowers!
  • Uniform series
  • No stretching – holds well

The series will start with seven, or 8 colours.

(1) Bubble Gum (pink), (2) Cherry (medium red),   (3) Deep Orange, (4) Carmine,   (5)  Coconut (White)  (6)  Raspberry (Violet),  (7)  Light Orange (8) Peach Salmon

The series is vigorous (they, hope that vigour, will help the plants thrive,
     ---- in a gardeners landscape.


Camp Fire

Camp Fire Bidens from Proven Winners, is a new release for 2016. The traditional Bidens sports a bright yellow blossom. This beasty shows more yellow/orange flowers.

What I like is the large number of flowers that each plant produces.

     ----- A neat new release for 2016!


Pure Joy


Yep, we are definitely going to order this plant for next year. The Benary Plant breeding group have been producing beautiful Begonias since 1909.

This coming year (2016) they will be releasing their newest treasure, called Pure Joy. Pure Joy is a completely new colour, never seen before in the Non-Stop series of Begonias. Yep, they have created the first bright yellow begonia.

Previous trailing Begonias had long hanging flowers, which usualy broke in our Prairie winds. Now Pure Joy can be used in windy areas, since the brances are shorter, making the average hanging Begonia basket fuller and stronger.


Plant Revolution

Hey, This may sound a bit strange, but the most recent research says, flowers are a recent invention.

There have been land plants for 465 million years, yet they produced no flowers, for over two-thirds of that time frame.

Flowering plants only appeared in the middle of the dinosaur era. The equally-familiar grasses appeared even more recently.

Yep, the oldest Fossil Grasses are just 70 million years old, although it's thought that grass may have evolved a bit earlier than that.

    ----- And we think, our mothers choice of plants is old!