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Current Carrying Rose

Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden have created analog, and digital electronics circuits inside living plants.

The group at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), used the vascular system of growing roses to build key components of electronic circuits.

The team tried many different approach’s to introduce conductive polymers through rose stems. Only one polymer, called PEDOT-S, synthesized by Dr. Roger Gabrielsson, successfully assembled itself inside the xylem channels as conducting wires, while still allowing the transport of water and nutrients.

Dr. Eleni Stavrinidou used the material to create long (10 cm) wires in the xylem channels of the rose. By combining the wires with the electrolyte that surrounds these channels she was able to create an electrochemical transistor, a type of transistor that converts ionic signals to electronic output. Using the roses xylem transistors,
------- she also demonstrated digital logic gate function!



Man, I can remember all the work we had, in our early stages.

This beast will transplant so fast, that three employees, can't tag the plants, fast enough to keep up with the operator.

------  Yep, you have to love it!


Wild Ginger

Hey, Try a different herb to grow in your garden!


Walnuts Work

The Results of  a study published in The journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care showed that adding walnuts to the daily diet of those at high risk of developing diabetes lowered cholesterol and improved blood vessel cell wall function while also boosting overall quality of diet.

The health benefits from walnuts can be attributed to them being a rich source of essential fatty acids as well as a good source of important vitamins and minerals such as folate and vitamin E.

However like other nuts, walnuts are high in calories and experts have cautioned against eating the snack to excess so as not to increase weight. Results of this study also cautioned against excessive walnut consumption, as those that consumed nuts without any calorie control showed a significant increase in body fat. However when consumed more moderately and with calorie restriction,
------ waist circumference decreased!


Painted Points

Hey, the fad of painting Poinsettia is apparently still alive and well.

It's not a fad that I like, but each to their own. Besides, next year,

            Image result for orange poinsettia

 we will see a new series that is, naturally, bright orange!



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This is complements of CTV,  November, Wed 25,  2015,

----- Yep, Quite Funny!