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Cold is Coming

Saskatchewan’s overly 'hot' to 'overly' cold climate is often responsible for severe damage to landscape plants. Winter sun, wind, and cold temperatures can bleach and desiccate evergreen foliage, damage tree bark, and injure or kill branches, flower-buds, and roots. Snow and ice can break branches and topple entire trees.

Salt used for deicing streets, sidewalks, and parking lots is harmful to landscape plantings. While winter food shortages force rodents and deer to feed on bark, twigs, flower-buds, and foliage, injuring and sometimes killing trees and shrubs.

Yet if we protect our trees and shrubs, winter damage can be minimized.

Plants that are not hardy in in our zones 2/3 will be killed or injured during the winter season. Plants that normally grow in hardiness zone 3 may also be injured if winter conditions are abnormally severe, or if plants have been stressed by the environment. Injury is more prevalent and more severe when low temperatures occur in early fall or late spring, when there is little or no winter snow cover or when low temperatures are extreme.

Pronounced fluctuations in temperature can be extremely detrimental to plants, throughout the fall, winter, or spring.


Hey It’s Fall

Yep, I just checked, and all of a sudden it’s fall.  Fall is not even a couple of days old, and I’m already wearing a heavy jacket and gloves. Me thinks hot cider and pumpkin pie should not be far away.

Which means, Halloween is also not far away. Halloween has become the second most popular holiday for North Americans — next to Christmas.

The North American National Retail Association has just released its annual report of how North America plans to celebrate Halloween.
        1. Spending on the holiday will reach upwards of $6.9 billion with more than 157 million people participating.
         2. Average purchase is down about $3 per person from about $77.00 to $75.00

While most Halloween shoppers plan to buy candy, forty some percent plan to decorate their homes or yards with pumpkins, hay bales and those weird ‘Inflatable Goblins’.

     ------ also,  NRF says 41% plan on carving pumpkins!


Keeping Bulbs

If you are storing (over wintering) tender summer blooming bulbs, or hardier spring bulbs,  that you did not get in the ground in time, knowing how to store bulbs for winter will ensure that these bulbs will be viable for planting in the spring.

What you need to know and/or do:

- Carefully brush off any excess dirt.

- Do not wash the bulbs as this can add excess water to the bulb.

- Remove the bulbs from plastic bags, containers, or the bulbs will rot. It’s best to pack your bulbs in a dry cardboard box. Layer the bulbs in the box, with newspaper in between each layer.

Where you can store them:
- A closet is good, or a basement, that is not damp, or a garage is a good spot!
    ----- Now that was simple, Right?


April ‘Night

Related imagePlant breeding today is focused, on bringing plants to market, that solve consumer problems.

If they’re easy for growers to manage, produce and ship, that’s actually better. Every season, a multitude of new plants are bred and/or released, yet only a few survive more than a couple of seasons.

Salvia Sallyrosa ‘April ‘Night’, from Danziger, is one that's been selling for years, and it still sold well this past season, and it appears, to be one of those plants that,

------  shows no sign of decreasing in popularity!


Fall Seeding

Many gardeners are used to planting spring flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils in the Fall.
But most gardeners don’t know, you can also sow seeds for many hardy annuals, biennials and perennials at this time of year as well!

So if you want a head start in spring, these seeds will most often result, in plants blooming earlier next spring. The one thing that's most important is,

    ------ plant them where the most insulating snow accumulates!


Weed or Not

One of our customers, when asked, by other customers, "What is a Weed"? likes to answer with "Any plant, that is not where I want it to be, is a weed."

So even though a Sunflower, is a beautiful plant on its own merits, if its growing in the middle of his Petunias, it is a weed. It may not be a noxious weed, but it is a weed, and its coming out.
------ So there!