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Another new 'Review/Study' finds there is no evidence in earlier scientific studies indicating that genetically engineered feed crops harmed the health or productivity of livestock and poultry, and that food products from animals consuming such feeds were nutritionally the same as products from animals that ate non-GMO feeds.

The review study also found that scientific studies have detected  no differences in the nutritional makeup of the meat, milk or other food products derived from animals that ate genetically engineered food. The review, led by UC Davis animal scientist Alison Van Eenennaam, examined nearly 30 years of livestock-feeding studies that represent more than 100 billion animals.

Genetically engineered crops were first introduced in 1996. Today 19 genetically engineered plant species are approved for use in the United States and Canada, including the major crops used extensively in animal feed: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, soybean and sugar beet.

Food-producing animals such as cows, pigs, goats, chickens and other poultry species now consume 70 to 90 percent of all genetically engineered crops, according to the new UC Davis review.


In the past, studies have continually shown that the milk, meat and eggs derived from animals that have consumed GE feed are indistinguishable from the products derived from animals fed a non-GE diet," Van Eenennaam said. "Therefore, proposed labeling of animal products from livestock and poultry that have eaten GE feed would require supply-chain segregation and traceability, as the products themselves would not differ,

     --- in any way that could be detected!


Osteospermum White

Osteospermum Akila® Daisy White F1

White Osteospermums are not unique, but a clear White Osteo with a Yellow Centre is a novelty. Especially, since it is also easily grown from seed.

Zone: Treat as Annual
Height: (10-24”)
Spread: (10-12”)
Habit: Compact and Mounded
Exposure: Full Sun
Moisture: Just Moist

Akila® Daisy White is a tidy, uniform plant, with open flowers, that produces non-stop blooms all summer. Even the southern judges praised Akila’s ability to keep blooming in the heat and the fact, they also showed more drought tolerance than other osteos.

Akila is also the recipient of Europe's FleuroSelect Gold Medal award, for garden performance, and it's tidy mounding habit. Something one seldom sees, with most competitive Osteos in the market place.

   ----Yes it is on order for 2015!


Sun of a Beach

Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and billionaire venture capitalist, has lost his battle for his own private beach, after surfers successfully sued him for access.

In 2008 Khosla spent $37.5m on a 53-acre property on the San Mateo coast overlooking Martin's Beach, a 200-acre stretch of sand that is much beloved by the Bay Area's surfing community.

The previous owners allowed public access to the beach in exchange for a small parking fee, but in 2010 Khosla shut down the access road to the sands, painted over the sign pointing to the site, and hired security guards to keep people out.

He was promptly sued by the Surfrider Foundation, and a long legal battle followed. Khosla's lawyers argued that the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed two years before the state of California was created, gave him absolute control of his land and thus justified the shutdown.

The Surfrider Foundation's lawyers argued that such action broke the rules set down in the California Coastal Act about public access to beaches.

         --- Yep you guessed it, He Lost!


New Store

Hey, when I hear the name Sobeys, I think of groceries, but that's going to change. The grocery chain will be building a private liquor store in Regina.

It will be located at the site of the former Silver's Steakhouse at 1060 Pasqua Street N. Sobeys believes the store will be unlike any other in the city. The building will be 10,000 square feet with a 360-degree tasting bar and a two-thousand square foot walk-in cooler.

Like at the Sobeys food stores, you will be able to get Air Miles on your purchases.They will have a full selection of craft beer, regular beer, wine and spirits.

They want to open as soon as possible, their development timeline looks like opening next spring. Sobeys Liquor is one of three private liquor store operators selected by the government to open four stores in the province,

   --- Finally, it's about time too!


Lace Weeping

Lace Weeping Willow

(Salix babylonica 'Lace')


Zone: 3-5

Height: 12M (40F)

Spread: 9M (30ft)

Habit: Upright and Weeping

Exposure: Full Sun

Moisture: Keep Moist


Our North American woody plant expert, Dr. Michael Dirr, states that the Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica) is "one of the best-loved and most hated trees in landscape history."

It's beautiful form, with weeping curtain like branches that are magnificent along a lake or pond's shores, which makes this deciduous tree loved. But it drops lots of leaf and twig litter, and it is short-lived and is known for extending its roots anywhere water is available--including pipes, wells and drains.


This tree species needs a moist to wet soil to look its best. A fertile soil will sustain the most robust growth as long as it is never too dry; even sandy soils work well (if water is abundant).

Mulch on the soil surface improves the fertility of the soil as well as retaining soil moisture,

Always situate a weeping willow where it will receive abundant sunshine--no less than 8 hours of direct sun rays daily. It grows alright in partially shaded spots, but too little sunlight causes irregularly shaped trees, scrawny limbs, potential infestations from aphids and/or mildew problems.


      ---- in the 'normal' heat of our summers!


Rose Stripe

Rose Stripe New Day Gazania

(Gazania rigens)


Zone:  Treat as Annual
Spread: 15 - 20cm (6 - 8")
Height:  20-25cm  (8-10")
Habit: Upright and  Mounded
Exposure:  Full Sun
Moisture:  Just Moist


This is the first stand alone striped New Day variety, and is well-matched to the series.


The New Day Gazanias have a more uniform flowering period than the Kiss Gazania Series, and sport a larger flower as well . Being  compact, and sturdy, these beasts will hold better at retail as well. New Day is well-suited to high-density retail packs and small container production.

What I like is they are more drought-tolerant than any previous gazania series, therefore they perform better in containers and baskets,

   --- and excel as a garden edging or ground cover!