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Plant Revolution

Hey, This may sound a bit strange, but the most recent research says, flowers are a recent invention.

There have been land plants for 465 million years, yet they produced no flowers, for over two-thirds of that time frame.

Flowering plants only appeared in the middle of the dinosaur era. The equally-familiar grasses appeared even more recently.

Yep, the oldest Fossil Grasses are just 70 million years old, although it's thought that grass may have evolved a bit earlier than that.

    ----- And we think, our mothers choice of plants is old!


FleuroStar Night Sky


 Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plants industry, announced that the FleuroStar Award 2015/16 was selected.

They choose the winner, which was petunia cultivar 'Night Sky' from Selecta Klemm. The winner was announced at the Green Inspiration Event.

  • Zone: Summer all zones.
  • Blooms: Spring, late spring, summer
  • Spread: 51-71cn (20-28")
  • Height: 25-41cm (10-16")
  • Width: 61-91cm (24-36")
  • Exposure (full Sun)

   -----  Thursday, June 11 in the Netherlands!

           Update: one Reviewer states: It Boldly goes where no petunia has gone before!

           Another states: The most distinctive bloom you've ever seen on this planet!


Aspen Bronze Leaf


              A close-up shot of Bronze Leaf Disease.

Both the Swedish Aspen and the Tower Poplar are attacked by this disease. Unfortunately there is no cure for it.

There is also no chemical spray, as the disease sadly lives inside the tree. Edmonton's city parks department estimates upwords of 3000 trees wil need replacing. The fear is it may escape into the aspen or poplar forest outside of Edmonton.


Monarch Butterfly

The most widely recognized butterfly in North America, the 'monarch', is disappearing. Most of the decline is blamed on changing land use, but property owners can help shore up the population by setting aside monarch ‘way stations’ filled with milkweed and other nectar-rich plants.

The extent of the milkweed-monarch habitat loss since 1995 is believed to be an area roughly the size of Texas, said Orley Taylor, An ecology professor,

At the University of Kansas and founding director of Monarch Watch, an education, conservation,
----------  and research group!


More Gardens

A story in The Huffington Post says, there’s been a huge resurgence in gardening, in the USA over the last five years, with the number of active gardeners, increasing from 36 million households in 2008 to 48 million households in 2014.

-  One in three households are growing their own food—the highest level seen in a decade.
-  Americans spent more than $3.5 billion in gardening products and services in 2013, up from $2.5 billion in 2008—a 40% increase in five years.
-   76% of all households with gardens are growing veggies.

So, tell me again, when has gardening,
        -----not been in style?


Happy Canada Day

May you all have a very happy Canada Day.

   --- Yes that is our Canadian flag, flying in the yard today!