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Jerry Lee Lewis



The Poinsettia plant, is still the Christmas Flower, and has been as long as I can recall. Hey, Ten Years past we sold a large number of these plants. Every greenhouse grower slaved for several months to produce a large variety of poinsettias.

Most of us had to place several orders, from other growers, just to keep up.

That was then, what happed was, the big box stores took over, and kept reducing the selling price, as they were competing against each other. Yep, they quickly killed the market, and the Poinsettia  just disappeared. Along the way as well.

Today, these same big boxes have a minimum sales areas, (the biggest display, I have seen this year is table approximately, 4ft by 6ft, yep, I hope they enjoy the decline!


Heartbeat Petunia

Suntory has a new trailing petunia for 2017. It's an adorable cross between a couple of their early petunia breeding stock. Petunia Surfinia Heartbeat is a novelty breeding, that is making waves in this falls plant shows.

The flowers are bright white, with pale pink heart shaped petals, showing over the larger heart shaped white blossoms.