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Gidget Retro Camper

A very neat Austrailin Camper

   --- Now that’s my idea of tenting!


Gone Home

Another Member of the Wilderness Rendezvous Scout Camp has 'Gone 'Home'.

Al Torgerson passed away quietly, with his family at his side, yesterday morning at 4:10 am. He fought the decline for a couple of months. Sadly, none of us survive forever.

Al's Service will be held on Tuesday, August 25th, at 11AM in the 1st United Church in Melville.

The WR members who can make it, have been asked to form an Honour Guard, in full WR Uniform.

-------   Yes, we will be there to say good-bye!


WW1 Saskatchewan

A very large male population in Saskatchewan signed up to go over Seas, during world war one. They joined for a number of reasons:

  • 1. Loyalty to Canada and Britain,
  • 2. The excitement of seeing new Countries,
  • 3. Lack of farmland available in Saskatchewan,
  • 4. and of course, the meeting of new Female Canadian Nurses!

The first film in this Saskatchewan series, on WW1, is showing now, in the

     -------   Legislative Building!


Pure Joy


Yep, we are definitely going to order this plant for next year. The Benary Plant breeding group have been producing beautiful Begonias since 1909.

This coming year (2016) they will be releasing their newest treasure, called Pure Joy. Pure Joy is a completely new colour, never seen before in the Non-Stop series of Begonias. Yep, they have created the first bright yellow begonia.

Previous trailing Begonias had long hanging flowers, which usualy broke in our Prairie winds. Now Pure Joy can be used in windy areas, since the brances are shorter, making the average hanging Begonia basket fuller and stronger.


Plant Revolution

Hey, This may sound a bit strange, but the most recent research says, flowers are a recent invention.

There have been land plants for 465 million years, yet they produced no flowers, for over two-thirds of that time frame.

Flowering plants only appeared in the middle of the dinosaur era. The equally-familiar grasses appeared even more recently.

Yep, the oldest Fossil Grasses are just 70 million years old, although it's thought that grass may have evolved a bit earlier than that.

    ----- And we think, our mothers choice of plants is old!


FleuroStar Night Sky


 Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plants industry, announced that the FleuroStar Award 2015/16 was selected.

They choose the winner, which was petunia cultivar 'Night Sky' from Selecta Klemm. The winner was announced at the Green Inspiration Event.

  • Zone: Summer all zones.
  • Blooms: Spring, late spring, summer
  • Spread: 51-71cn (20-28")
  • Height: 25-41cm (10-16")
  • Width: 61-91cm (24-36")
  • Exposure (full Sun)

   -----  Thursday, June 11 in the Netherlands!

           Update: one Reviewer states: It Boldly goes where no petunia has gone before!

           Another states: The most distinctive bloom you've ever seen on this planet!