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Bee and Honey

It is spring, soon we will be planting flowers outside. When we have heat and flowers, we get bees,

We also get those crazy folks dressed in bee suits, who would like to see ALL pesticides (not just neonics) gone for good.

That’s their right.. Just as we growers, and the University Researchers believe Beer should be included as one of basic food groups (the others ‘beeing’ (Bacon, Cheese, Wine and Coffee).

I believe, as most of you do, that product bans, if needed, should come from science and data, not from emotion or personal opinion.

Which is why AmericanHort and many Canadian Universities are hard at work, making sure, that science wins,

   ---- in the neonics/pollinators debate!


1500 Feet

A  TV Tower, somewhere in Saskatchewan!

I have ascended a few poles and roof-top towers during my Grey SK, Country life, trying to listen to the East Germans, prior to their Berlin Wall being torn down. I have never even contemplated climbing,
    ----- somethings this tall


Mexico Calling

Hey, this morning, the phone rings, the better half picks it up, and basically starts stuttering

She: You are calling from where?

He: Mexico, I’m looking for a certain seed, do you have Cranesbill Seed, (Geranium cinereum) I can’t get it here. You must have it, I think I saw it on your web page.

He: or, can you recommend a seed supplier, that can ship into Mexico.
She: Sure company (X) can ship into the USA and Mexico. We can order that seed, or plants from several different suppliers most years.

I am often asked why I waste my time writing a Greenhouse Blog. I think , the above ,
   ---- Answer’s  that question quite nicely!


# Two Nearly Full

Yep, we now have two greenhouses, each about 85 percent full. We expect another plug shipment this week, which should fill the balance of the benches. Then we will be moving plants into the upper racks, then take some to House Number Three!

We have seeded a fair number of plants as well. these are all in the Probagation-Chamber, and growing quite nicely.

The Ladies are now busy grooming the aggressive plants, and shaping the vegetatively grown beasts as well.

      ----- I think spring is actually here!


Last Good-Bye

This is my last goodbye to a long time friend, his favorite music came from the 1960's.

So as a tribute to him, I'm playing his favorite tune.

Recorded by the Beatles in the mid 1960's,

     ---- I will see you again in the future!


Not Poplar There

It appears that BC may have to face a couple of nasty words, that no one wants to hear in regards to the environment: “Invasive Species’.

The waterways of BC rely upon a type of poplar tree known as a Black Cottonwood. These trees provide a multi-fold benefit to the environment. First, they continually improve the water quality.
Second, they protect the ecosystem against erosion.
Lastly, they provide a natural habitat for multiple forms of wildlife. Hey it’s not a stretch to say that Black cottonwoods are an essential part of the province’s ecosystem.

This explains why authorities at Natural Resources Canada became alarmed when they noticed that a potent fungus called mycosphaerella populorum had reached the BC. The fungus has been creating hell, with poplar trees in the North Eastern part of the continent for some time. This isn’t the first time the fungus has been discovered in the province.

Several fungi are common to Poplar trees. However, mycosphaerella populorum contains an additional gene, that proves deadly to trees. The gene produces a toxin that spawns killer lesions on the trees branches,
   ---- stems and leaves.!