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Facebook  Bad

Last week, a team of Belgian researchers reported that the social network giant had been illegally tracking the web browsing habits of every visitor, even if they aren't account holders, or have explicitly opted out of tracking within the EU.

When contacted for comment, a Facebook-Person complained that the authors had never been in contact with Facebook, and anyway, Facebook had also explained "in detail the inaccuracies in the earlier draft report" despite the authors having not been in contact.

In another-words, “they got caught.”

The Belgian Privacy Commission set to announce what steps it will take on 29 April, and with a current class action suit in Austria, the Zucker-Man Bunch are scrambling their PR department to shoot down allegations of breaches of European privacy laws.

And you wonder why I skip over, or ignore  most,
   ---  Facebook garbage!


On Both Sides Then

Remembering  My Great Grand Fathers, and  their  Wartime  involvement.

Hey, 98 Years ago today,  on April Nine,  The Canadian divisions Started an attack., on the German Lines. They managed what many felt was impossible.

The objective of the Canadian Corps was to take control of the German-held high ground along an escarpment at the northernmost end of the Arras Offensive. This would allow the southern flank to advance without taking German cannon fire. which was a steady creeping barrage, the Canadian Corps captured most of the ridge during the first day of the attack.

The town of Thélus fell during the second day of the attack, as did the crest of the ridge once the Canadian Corps overcame a salient of considerable German resistance. The final objective, a fortified knoll located outside the town of Givenchy-en-Gohelle, fell to the Canadian Corps on 12 April

The German forces then retreated to the Oppy–Méricourt line. Historians attribute the success of the Canadian Corps in capturing the ridge to a mixture of technical and tactical innovation, meticulous planning, powerful artillery support and extensive training.

The battle was the first time when all four Canadian divisions fought together and they became a Canadian symbol,
    ------  of achievement and sacrifice.!


Planting this week

Big Bounce  (Impatiens hybrida)
Zone: 0.0°C
Height: 51-76 cm  (20 - 30")
Width: 51 - 91cm (20-36”)
Habit: Upright Mounding and Spreading
Exposure: Partial Sun, to Partial Shade
Moisture: Just Moist,

  • Blooming Season :
  • Autumn, Late Summer, Spring, Late Spring, Summer

These new shade alternatives offer the habit and flower count of Impatiens walleriana, but they’re resistant to downy mildew and thrive in sun and shade.

Like Standard Bounce...but BIGGER.
Even more, the well branched plants bounce back like magic,
   -----  after wilt!


5200 Kilos

A Canadian naval vessel was involved with a large drug bust this past month,  in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica.

HMCS Whitehorse, along with the U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Navy, intercepted more than 5,200 kilograms of cocaine in international waters from a coastal freighter.

The crew on the freighter began throwing bales overboard, when a patrolling U.S. Navy vessel approached. The Whitehorse, and a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, were called in to join the operation, which lasted three days.

A boarding party did not find any additional drugs on the freighter, after bales containing more than 5,200 kilograms of cocaine, were retrieved from the sea.

    ----- All around, a bad day for some Drug Lord!


Regina Gains

Evraz North America anounced, it is making its biggest investment ever, in Regina. Yep, a $200-million, 100,000-tonne-a-year, large-diameter pipe mill.

The Management and owners say,
It is their largest investment in North America,  and this investment,  is completely funded by Evraz North America.

What I like most is, They are now positioned as the highest-quality, lowest-cost integrated producer of large-diameter pipe,
   --- in North America!


Surprise Day

Hey, it’s been a day of surprises, I started the morning watering the plants in Greenhouses #1 and #2.
After a short discussion with the better half,  I ‘volunteered’ to move a  quarter of the plants in  Greenhouse #2, to  Greenhouse # 3. That took care of my plans for the day.

I knew the heat in #3 would be Ok, my concern was an absent water supply, I wasn’t  sure the frost (Ice) was gone from the under ground pipes yet. I started testing different valves, hoping one would release a drizzle of water. I was surprised to find one,  it was well away from the header house. Bingo, if that tap releases water, then then the closer taps in number three, should do the same.

I quickly ran from tap to tap in  houses 3, 4, 5 and 6, surprise they are all working, I moved all the hoses inside again, no need for long cold hoses when the warm inside taps work.

This is the perfect time to sit and have a refreshing drink,
      ------ Yes, an ice cold beer!