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Aronia Berry

Super Fruit
Do you know what berry is the healthiest in the world for us. Yep, a berry reckoned to be the healthiest fruit in the world, has been growing in our yard since 1978.

The Aronia Berry is a 'super-food', richer in anti-cancer antioxidants than raspberries, and richer than the difficult  to grow in Saskatchewan, Goji and Acai Berries.
Hey, It even has three times the level of antioxidants that you can find in blueberries. The plant is native to North America, where early settlers gave it the name 'Chokeberry' because it is quite sharp when eaten raw.

The aronia berry is similar in appearance to a cranberry, except for it's purple black colour. I try to pick these berries just a little under ripe, because if I let them ripen, the darn Robins clean them up over night.The Better-Half usually makes a few pies, and freezes the balance for mid-winter desserts.

I'm told the early North American Aboriginals, believed they were a good aphrodisiac. As for me, I just make a very tasty five gallons of Aronia Berry Wine,

   –--to help ward off heart disease, of course?


Johnny Flame

This beast just grabs your attention.

The new Petunia ‘Sweetunia Johnny Flame’ from Dümmen has large, beautiful bright rose-purple flowers, splashed with a deep-purple flame.

It's unique color and splash patern is sure to steal the show in your garden or container.

Zone: Treat as Annual
Height: 25cm (10")
Spread: 30cm (12")
Exposure: Full Sun
Moisture: Just Moist
Habit: Semi-upright and mounding

What I like is, it is day length neutral, so it blooms in little or lots of light.

Johnny Flame is easy to grow, it has a semi-upright, mounded habit that allows it to fit and mix well in container combinations. It’s going to be a scene-stealer in any basket and/or landscape bed.

Hey, I can't walk down the greenhouse walkway with out stopping to admire or touch this bloom. It's dark, it's light, it's confusing, it just stands up and says look at me.

   --- Now that's what I call, a winner!


Another Day Again

Today we had a close match to yesterday, we trans-planted another 5544 plants into retail trays and cells. This time it was double petunias and wizard coleus.

Ok, so we put more on the bench yesterday, which is good, because we would not have lasted much longer today as it was. I walked for just over two hours, carying the plants to the dolly, wheeling them to Growing House #6.

Then I had the oportunity to walk them into their bench spot, then walk all that again as I watered everything in for the day. I think I must have lost a good chunk,

   --- of my winter, mid-drift growth!


Another Day

Another nine thousand and five hundred plants, transplanted from seeding trays, into retail packs, and placed on the bench in growing house number six.

Also the service repair man arrived and cleaned the water out of the water-heater fire box, and re-lite the natural gas heater. So everything is back to normal in the house basement again. Oh ya, he fell in love with one of our large cactus plants.

Since he fixed our total lack of hot water, on a Sunday, Hey we just showed him how to carry it, how to transplant it, then gave it to him.
He was last seen loading it into his service vehicle,
   --- very slowly, and carefully!


Long Day

Today the two of us managed to insert, and then machine-fill with soil, enough retail plant trays for the day's transplanting.

Then the Better-Half spent the day,
1. Transplanting three seedling trays of plants, (432 plants per tray).
2. Transplanting six seedling trays of plants, (326 plants per tray).
3. Transplanting eight seedling trays of plants,(288 plants per tray).
For a grand total of 5544 plants transplanted into their retail cell packs, and then placed on the bench in growing house #6.

Meanwhile, I discovered to my horror, the house's basement sump pump had burnt out, leaving 12.7cm (five inches) of water covering the house basement floor. So I spent the remainder of the day, replacing the pump, and removing the water.

To add to the misery, the water table has risen, and the header-house basement sump pump ran for over three hours twice today, just to keep ahead of our high spring water table.

It's ten-thirty in the evening, We have finally finished for the day,
   ---it's now time for a cold supper!



Hey, today I get to work on #6 greenhouse, yes I have #5 up and running, The better-half wants to move some vegetable containers into it. If everything thing is working OK tomorrow morning, I get to move into #6 to bring it on-line.

Even my Horror Scope for today is boring, Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21).:

Because you have a secret longing for adventure today, do something different! Shake it up a little. Take a different route to or from work. Go someplace different for lunch. Preferably travel. Or be a two-hour tourist in your own city.

Actually, I can't quite get that worked up over takeing a different route to work, as all the greenhouses are side by side. I also did my traveling yesterday, which was picking up some steam control bellows, from the local plumbing warehouse..

   --- That means, I get up and simply go to work!