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Walking & Weight

Walking or running to loose weight, is determined by the following formula.

Calories Burned Walking/Running) = Your Weight + the Distance You Walk/(Run).

In practical terms, a 180-pound person can see 100 calories burned walking a mile, but a 120-pound person sees only 65 calories burned walking a mile.

While your walking speed has little effect on your overall weight loss, you do burn a few more calories if you walk or run with a faster pace.

“The myth surrounding walking for exercise. Yep, most people think walking is a poor substitute for a high-impact workout, or that starting a walking routine to lose weight will never work.”
Hey, None of these myths are true, and you can start losing weight by walking if you know what you’re doing and where you’re going.

When it comes to exercise and losing weight, everyone is different because we all have different metabolisms, the rate at which our individual bodies burn energy through diet and exercise.

Some people can eat a whole cheesecake and not gain weight (me),
   ----  while others will put on inches after just one slice!


Dummen Orange

Wow, this mornings news,

All of the Dummen Companies will change their name to Dümmen Orange. This will differ a bit from country to country. There may be small changes at the start, but.

Well-known names as Lex+, Bartels, Terra Nigra, Dümmen Group, Agribio China, Agribio Colombia, Oro [and] PLA, as well as the production locations, are changing their name immediately to Dümmen Orange.

The existing Company and The Brand names Rijnplant, Ecke, Oglevee, Red Fox, Fides, Japan Agribio and Barberet & Blanc will disappear from the market in the future. In North America, where Dümmen Group has been the leading entity for the last two years, they say this conversion,

   ---  will happen rather quickly.


Truth Gone

To Quote one of my favorite Bloggers 'Anthony Watts' over at (Watts Up). Its hard to tell if we are witnessing mass climate hysteria, or just loathsome fear mongering to promote a political agenda, but it is oh so predictable, and oh so sickening.

Every weather event and every tragedy is now due to rising CO2. To paraphrase Dr. Viner, “natural storms and earthquakes are now just a thing of the past”. With the help of a few alarmist scientists, the media bombards us with the meme that “Everything is caused by rising CO2.” Today the Seth Bornstein prize for yellow climate journalism goes to Newsweek.) is more qualified than all of the Global Warming crowd combined.

Yep, and according to him the prize for 'yellow climate journalism' goes to Newsweek.

Last August they tried to infect our psyche's suggesting the horrific Ebola outbreak was a function of rising CO2 writing, "Ebola and Climate Change: Are Humans Responsible for the Severity of the Current Outbreak?"

This March they hawked the notion that the brutalities of the War in Syria are due to global warming firing off that "Climate Change Helped Create Conditions for War in Syria, Study Suggests."

        ----- So, how is your imagination working?


Moving Houses

Yep, we have been rather busy transplanting plants, then moving them to the outer greenhouses. Which means more walking and carrying.

Houses one, two and three are over-full, so we move some plants to #3, Let them have a few days to ajust, and  then move them to #4. then repeat same again, with #5 and so on.

   --- Yes it tends to be a bit boring, but it's great exercise!


For the Birds

How aware are you, of the birds that live in your neighbourhood?
Do you know how many different kinds birds there are?
Do enjoy your local birds, or find them annoying?

J. Amy Belaire of St. Edward's University, Lynne Westphal of the U.S. Forest Service, and Emily Minor and Christopher Whelan of the University of Illinois at Chicago, visited urban neighborhoods in the Chicago area to answer these questions and learn more about how people see their backyard birds. Their results, published in a paper in The Condor, provides a interesting look, at the relationship between people and nature in a city setting.

Belaire and her colleagues surveyed the breeding birds in 25 neighbourhood’s adjacent to forest preserves in Cook County, Illinois, recording a total of 36 species, and sent questionnaires to the families in each neighbourhood. While most people were excited to participate in a scientific study, according to Belaire, someone looking through binoculars in a residential neighbourhood is bound to attract some attention; "The police were called several times to check up on us," she says.

The researchers found that residents' feelings toward birds were generally very positive, although a few people found bird droppings, nests in gutters, and other nuisance’s to be annoying, especially in neighbourhood’s where specific problem birds such as House Sparrows and Common Grackles were more abundant.

Though the questionnaire asked respondents to estimate how many bird species were found around their homes, there was no relationship between residents' perceptions of bird diversity and the actual species numbers observed in the bird surveys.

Instead, the more favourable someone's feelings about local birds, the more species they guessed were present.


Facebook  Bad

Last week, a team of Belgian researchers reported that the social network giant had been illegally tracking the web browsing habits of every visitor, even if they aren't account holders, or have explicitly opted out of tracking within the EU.

When contacted for comment, a Facebook-Person complained that the authors had never been in contact with Facebook, and anyway, Facebook had also explained "in detail the inaccuracies in the earlier draft report" despite the authors having not been in contact.

In another-words, “they got caught.”

The Belgian Privacy Commission set to announce what steps it will take on 29 April, and with a current class action suit in Austria, the Zucker-Man Bunch are scrambling their PR department to shoot down allegations of breaches of European privacy laws.

And you wonder why I skip over, or ignore  most,
   ---  Facebook garbage!