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Arctic Apple #Two

A couple of weeks back, I posted that Okanagan Specialty Fruits made headlines earlier this month for genetically engineering apples that don’t go brown when bruised or cut.

Bingo, The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the two varieties of the "Arctic" apples on Feb. 13, 2015.

A few groups in Canada have spoken out against the non-browning apples, saying they fear cross-pollination of conventional or organic apple trees with genetically modified apples, creating a reduction in apple sales.

Okanagan Specialty says the technology will do the opposite, making apples more popular for use in salads, snacks, and lunch boxes. Me thinks the opposite as well, or the USA would not have approved them so quickly.

As part of the agreement, Okanagan stockholders will receive $31 million in Interexon stock, and $10 million in upfront cash.

Twitter also is reporting, that Okanagan Specialty Fruits stated that all, "other employees",

   -----  will be able to keep their jobs.!


FOE Wrong

What FOE (the so called 'Friends of the Earth') wants is total control of our food sources, especially the GMO food crops.

Friends of the Earthwants to do is create obstacles to genetically modified foods, but the World Health Organization is on record saying that "GM foods currently available on the international market have passed safety assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health.
Friends of the Earth

Regardless of the fact, that no effects on human health have been shown as a result of the consumption of such foods by the general population in the countries where they have been approved.

Hey, Listen to what a farmer has to say about GMOs. Larry Cochran is the president of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers.

Most people don't even know what the term GMO stands for, but for me as a farmer it's just another way of speeding up the breeding process. I have a boss, called Mother Nature, who does her own form of GMO breeding, whether it's new races of disease or insects that have evolved. She's always changing the rules.

The World Health Organization, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Medical Association all say these crops are safe as, and often safer than, foods changed the old-fashioned way, such as when a new plant is bred from two different types.

 If we in agriculture want to be able to feed the world's population, we have to be able to grow more food on less land.

   ----  I believe GMOs can help us do that."


Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself is not always so easy. Like what do you do if you go missing? I suppose you could organise a search party?

Think that's funny, click the Highlighted Link above!

Hey,  it actually happened!


It Begins

I spent most of yesterday setting up, flushing, cleaning, and refurbishing our Greenhouse Boiler. It’s a messy job, crawling around on the wet cement floor, on bare hands and knees in an old pair of wet jeans.

I gave up in time for supper.

It simply refused to start or run, so I decided to wait until this morning, to  finish turning the beast on.

Hey I went out, I just flipped the on switch, and bingo it started just perfect.
    ----  Now thats what I call down right frustrating!

And there is an update! Four hours later, another small threaded pipe fell apart, filling half the the basement with steam, and hot water, yuck!


Centaurea montana

Centaurea pullata b.JPG Commonly known as, Blue Cornflower, or Mountain Bluet. This easy to grow perennial, is low to medium in height and well suited to growing in any sunny border. It will double it’s size in a couple of years.

Zone: 3-7
Height: (24-70) cm
Spread:  (24-36) cm
Habit: Upright & Mounding
Exposure: Full Sun
Moisture: Just Moist

The plant forms a bushy clump of grey-green leaves.Then develops a display of clear-blue shaggy flowers in early summer.

Removing the faded flower heads will encourage repeat blooming.

It may self-seed, so keep an eye out for seedlings appearing where they are not wanted. This plant can be pruned back hard, in mid-summer, to maintain a compact habit.

   --- Oh ya, it also blooms all summer!


Arctic Apple

Hey, a new Apple Tree has been created by a company that makes genetically engineered apples.

The breeders want to begin planting in Canada, by the spring of 2016. It is Different, and Health Canada, must declare the so called “Arctic Apple” safe for consumers first.

They have 50 to 100 acres of Arctic Granie Apple Trees, planned to be planted, in Canada by 2017.” Where they will  start planting , has not been  released yet.

The Arctic apple controls ‘enzymatic browning,’ where the enzyme that causes the brown discoloration is suppressed.

When sliced, the flesh of the apple can stay white for up to three weeks.

In an undated handout photo, a genetically modified arctic granny apple, right, doesn't brown like a conventional granny apple, left. The United States on Friday, Feb. 13, 2015, approved the commercial planting of genetically engineered apples that are resistant to turning brown when sliced or bruised. (Okanagan Specialty Fruits/NYT)

Needless to say the companies that process or juice apples are rather interested, in this beast.
   ---  Actually, they are very interested!