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Busy Days

Yes, we have been busy for the past week. It's that time of year where we start cleaning out the Greenhouses.

Every building needs plant material residue removed, benches washed down, and all the growing greenhouse floors need a careful vacuum to remove any growing soil, weed and plant seed remaining.

Since we are sweating in the heat of the day, the dust and dry plant material clings to bare arms, bare necks and legs. It scratches, scrapes and pains, Yep, that then turns out to be pure,

   ---Hell in a handbag!


Doctor Days

Hey, some days it just pays to go visit your Doctor.

While being examined, she says,"You have lost a little weight this past month."

Me: Does that mean I can switch back to Ice Cream from Frozen Yogert?

She: Actually, you can have more Ice Cream, and lot's of Peanut Butter and Honey on your toast. Also cover your veggies with a scoop or two of butter. It won't hurt to add a few extra pounds back on your body.

At this rate, I'll forget about a few aches and pains, and begin to think,

    ---- I'm a little younger than I am!


Short Hops

There will soon be problems in British Columbia, caused by the shortage of hops from the Pacific Northwest, like the Cascade hop from the Yakima Valley, a popular variety for craft breweries, and has seen a sudden surge in popularity in recent years.

The demand for those hops used in beers around the world has increased substantially and that is directly impacting today's supply.

We have also seen a large increase in craft brewery sales as well.

 Hey, I can't look at the shortage and/or sales any other way,

   --- than both are winning big time!



Make Out Where

I don't know about you, but I'm quite certain that there are quieter and/or safer places to enjoy each others company.

Regina Police Service spokeswoman Elizabeth Popowich advised against people climbing the scaffolding, particularly since it is against the law and unsafe. "I feel like the mom when I say this, but there's an obvious concern for people's safety," she said. "And it is also a work site, right?

And so there's obviously someone who's there and monitoring to ensure that someone doesn't trespass and get themselves into trouble. But I would say, really the primary concern is for someone's safety when they're climbing like that, Love will find a way.

   --- We would just prefer not that way!


We are Growing

For the 18th consecutive month, Saskatchewan has led Canada in June with the lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate — 3.9 per cent among the provinces.

According to Statistics Canada’s labour force survey released on Friday, Regina had, an increase of 8,700 workers compared to June 2013.

Saskatchewan ranked third in job growth at 1.3 per cent and second with a 66.9 per cent employment-to-population ratio.While Canada had an overall unemployment rate of 7.1 per cent and 0.4-per-cent job growth. Newfoundland and Labrador had the highest unemployment rate — 12.5 per cent.

In terms of Canadian cities, Regina had the lowest unemployment rate, and Saskatoon ranked second.

    ---- When you read that, hey what's not to like!


Video #6

 This is the sixth video in our 2014 series.

      --- Hope you enjoyed it!